Saturday, January 14, 2012

Newsflash! Continental Soldier Visits Fourth Grade

After our colonial unit in November, we took a break from history and completed a science unit on electricity. Since our return from the Christmas break, we have been looking at the Revolutionary War. Last week we took some time to explore the Continental Army. We learned that the soldiers received just about $6.60 per month and sometimes didn't get paid at all. An eager young man could join the army at 15 with his parents' consent. Their necessary equipment is pictured below.

We studied drawings of their costumes too and read some books.
Then, we were definitely surprised when a Continental Soldier showed up at school! He was wearing a REAL uniform and he even had a haversack full of supplies such as a tin cup, plate, fork, and comb. He carried a bayonet, rifle, and had loads of buttons on his uniform.It didn't take too long for the students to recognize our visitor as Mr. Chesley, Jacob's dad. He was such a good sport to help us out by modeling our soldier uniform on loan from the OK History Center.

Notice his canteen.
Jacob was definitely proud of his dad! Thank you, Mr. Chesley , for teaching us about the Continental Army and Soldiers.

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